Reasons to Install Antimicrobial Door Handle Covers

Today, more than ever the spread of viruses is reminding us why we should be mindful about the touch points that we share. 

Research and government guidelines state that washing of hands has become one of the best ways to kill viruses from spreading. With this hand sanitizers are in almost every building across the UK and Ireland. 

We at SDA Systems have decided to create a list of the reasons to install antimicrobial door handle covers.  

  1. Easy to install: To protect any door handle is easy, simply peel off the protective backing and stick the surface to the door handle. 
  2. Safe: All our products are safe to touch and none of the antimicrobial properties installed are transferred from the surface to the hands. 
  3. History of Silver: In  Ancient civilizations, people used silver to reduce and kill bacteria. Today, it has regained popularity because of antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance. Scientists have been testing the properties of silver for hundreds of years and no more so than today. Research demonstrates that silver has excellent properties for eradicating bacteria and viruses. 
  4. Price: The price of a antimicrobial door handle cover is as low as £5.00 per door meaning that a door can be protected for 6 months at really good value. 
  5. Proven: All antimicrobial surfaces have been tested to remove 99.98% bacteria and viruses in minutes of contact.  
  6. Works 24/7: Antimicrobial door handle wraps work continuously 24 hours a day to eradicate contaminants. 
  7. Long Lasting Technology: The antimicrobial properties of Silver has no expiry date meaning that the surfaces can be used over and over again without expiry. SDA Cleanzone products can be used 6 months even in high traffic areas.