Scientist advises business owners to protect surfaces from transmission

With England entering a second national lockdown in the coming days, many business owners that cannot shut are looking at ways to increase safety for employees in the workplace.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan Siddique, from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences working alongside SDA Cleanzone states that "It is recommended that businesses and places with high traffic touch points are not only regularly cleaned, they also have antimicrobial surfaces installed. The stick-on surfaces contain antimicrobial technology proven in laboratories to remove contaminants within minutes of contact.

Shared touch points in buildings are high risk areas for users, as pointed out in a recent BBC Dispatches documentary and antimicrobial surfaces help significantly lower that risk.

“Whilst the use of face masks and social distancing are effective ways to reduce the spread of viruses at work, protecting shared touch points such as door handles and pull bars is also important.” Since launching, SDA Cleanzone in Manchester have been working around the clock to bring as many of these touch surfaces to production to meet the demand.

SDA Cleanzone Director said: “We’re truly grateful to every one working on the frontline during the pandemic. We believe the virus is not going away soon so we need to interrupt transmission as much as possible. Until we have a vaccine in place, we need to have additional measures, including continuous cleaning touch points. The idea is that using our continuous cleaning surfaces alongside a regular cleaning protocol will create a safer environment for everyone."

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