SDA Cleanzone: Specialists in Antimicrobial Door Handle Covers

Since December 2019, the world that we live was hit with a pandemic unlike anything else of our generation. 

SDA Cleanzone are specialists in antimicrobial surfaces, including door handles, tape and knob covers. 

The idea is that we must try to limit surface transmission as much as possible. With this Entrepreneurs Marc Carey and Adam Beaumont launched the first antimicrobial touch points for shared surfaces in the UK. 

Demand has been extremely high with clients from a wide range of industries. Couple this with campaigns for donations to schools , the team have been busy filling the orders. 

The initial concept of the idea started when the team noticed that when entering places, the only unprotected area was in fact the front door. With this it means that the spread of common bacteria and viruses is much higher if the surface has not been cleaned. 

Whilst the hope is that everyone is vaccinated this year, the need for antimicrobial door covers will increase rather than decrease. 

SDA Cleanzone aims to be in every town and city by the end of 2021, if you would like to know more visit 

Do you know a business that could benefit from this product in the workplace? If so ask them send an email and we will be happy to offer a discounted rate.

For a full list of our antimicrobial range see here.