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Extra Large Continuous Cleaning Sheet (12 inch x 18 inch)

Extra Large Continuous Cleaning Sheet (12 inch x 18 inch)

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Size: (30 cm x 45.7 cm)


This extra large size 12 inch x 18 inch (30 cm x 45.7 cm) sheet self-cleaning material is perfect for custom applications. 1 inch grid lines for easy measuring and cutting. The surface should be replaced every 6 months, sometimes sooner if very high traffic.

Using innovative technology, our self-cleaning touch pads are covered with an antimicrobial layer which remove viruses and bacteria continuously 24/7. Our touch pads have been designed to fit on standard UK and Ireland doors and handles and last up to 6 months. The stickers can be washed or wiped with soap and water or non-abrasive cleaners

Installation is easy and when it comes to replace, simply peel off, clean any leftover residue and apply a new sticker.

The material is very pliable and easy to wrap around any flat, tubular or square push pad or handle. 

Protection against viruses.
ISO 22196
ISO 21702
Safe to touch and fully tested. Test certificates available.